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September 2009



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D.D. Mistry



BSNLEU strike ends without agreement


BSNLEU strike on 19, 20 Oct 2009 was called off without any agreement with the management

Efforts of BSNLEU to continue the strike indefinitely failed for want of support from their cadres and alliance partners

BSNLEU persuaded the management to invite them for talks with out any result.

In the absence of agreement action likely for picketing, violence, damaging of BSNL property etc besides imposing of no work no pay for strike days.




General Secretary


BSNLEU sponsored strike unsuccessful


As more than 70% of the staff reported for duty in most of the circles, the strike called by BSNLEU alliance has become unsuccessful. In circles like North East, West Bengal, etc they resorted to picketing and stopped the workers from entering in to work places. BSNLEU claim of 50% membership is also exposed because of this strike. The strike failed because it was politically motivated and BSNLEU pursued some hidden agenda other than wage revision and promotion policy. It is no secret that the management has openly offered 30% fitment benefit as was in the case of executives and BSNLEU demanding 5 years wage revision as per its political agenda.



General Secretary


Latest news


It is learnt that talks between representative union and management failed as far as wage revision is concerned. They are organizing the strike. FNTO and BSNL workers alliance are not joining the strike as already announced.



General Secretary


Five years wage revision 


In its magazine telemessage Aug  (09) BSNLEU has justified its demand of 5 year wage settlement but the reasons are hollow and defy logic. They are hiding the truth that in coal industry agreements were continuously signed by all unions at the instance of INTUC, the biggest union. But what is the stand of BSNLEU in BSNL. 


BSNL has no comparison with coal industry either in performance, nature or competition and pension. Further in that industry agreements were signed from 11-12-74 continuously up to now. The profit of BSNL is coming down.  Even if wage revision is agreed for 5years what will be the position in the next 2.5 years. Executives are safe for next 10 years because of their agreement. BSNLEU has no reason to insist 5-year periodicity in the above background except for political reasons. They say agreement was signed after strike call of CPSTU on 7-5-2008 but where is the agreement? Why CPSTU is silent on the contents of the agreement.



Circle Secretary FNTO Kerala





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