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April 2009


30.04.2009: To-Day, BSNL HQ issued unilateral orders  for four months basic as interest free adjustable advance vide No: 1-22/2009-PAT(BSNL) Dated 30.04.2009. Copy of order is placed Here..

BSNL has issued order for IDA increase of 0.5%, from 46.8% to 47.3% w.e.f. 01.04.2009. BSNL dated 29.04.2009. FOR COPY  mail to: .SEE COPY HERE. is under maintenance.

Please visit for some time.


Conspiracy of FNTO and NFTE



Question; Management is not relenting to sanction Advance or Interim relief, BSNLEU is unable to deliver the goods? What is the solution?


Answer:    Every BSNL worker should ask the following question themselves.


a. Even after winning the election, why the recognized union BSNLEU which enjoys all the trade union facilities right from national level to local unable to settle the staff issues using the recognized status?


b. Why the highest negotiating body National Council did not meet since 3 months after the elections to transact the settlement of IR/advance. What is the role of Secretary Staff side and Chairman, National Council?


c. What are the arguments placed by BSNLEU and their alliance partners in the wage revision committee before the management to clinch the advance? Why they could not convince the official side/Chairman so far?


d. What the techniques adopted  by the Executive Association to get the wage revision done well in time duly approaching the BSNL,DOT and the government? Why the same techniques are not    being adopted by BSNLEU?


e. Keeping the recognition and all trade union facilities  in hand for the last 4 years and now also why BSNLEU is blinking, blaming and depending FNTO and NFTE to settle the wage revision   through    their commissions and omissions?


f. Why the stalwarts of the Joint Forum are not involving this hot issue of non executives? Why that forum is keeping mum and the Convenor of Joint Forum is conveniently escaping?


g. Why the members and leaders of BSNLEU who voted for their union is not asking the leadership to settle the issue using the recognized status. Why are they repeatedly spreading rumours on      FNTO and NFTE unions which are not recognized ones and also not represented in the wage revision committees/National council/DOT meetings. Is it not befooling the workers who  elected them to represent?


If the above questions are sincerely asked by each and every worker, not only the wage revision but also staff issues pending for the last 4 years will get settled.


(This may be translated in local language and circulated among the BSNL workers by our branch secretaries). 



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